Cecile Wake

Cecile Wake completed Prep to Year 3 at St Aidan’s and then returned for Senior School Years 8 to 12, graduating in 1987. She still holds strong memories of her formative years at the School, of “being embraced into the fold by all of the older girls; of passionate teachers who brought their whole selves to the classroom and encouraged us to care about causes and issues beyond our class studies; of a culture of participation and contribution; of the Sisters and their ethos as a tangible thread that ran throughout everything at the School; of having the opportunity to participate in a huge and diverse range of activities; of finding my own voice and avenues for leadership”.

“Both my professional and athletic careers have been built on the attributes developed by St Aidan’s - the confidence to embrace new challenges,” says Cecile, who, following school, gained an Economics and Law (honours) degree through the University of Queensland.

Cecile is an experienced chief executive and senior executive with over 25 years of experience in oil & gas project development, LNG, and new energies. Most recently, Cecile was appointed as Chair of Shell Australia.