Kate Stringer

Dr. Kate Stringer is a specialist Breast and Endocrine Surgeon working at the Wesley, Northwest Brisbane Private and Holy Spirit Northside Hospitals. After completing Year 12 and receive an OP1 along with 10 other students in her year, Kate studied Medicine at The University of Queensland and trained in General Surgery. Kate then undertook subspecialty training in Breast and Endocrine Surgery as the Ramsay Health Fellow and her supervisor then invited her to be a partner in the Brisbane Breast and Endocrine Surgeons Practice. 

Kate is married to Toby Stringer, a Mechanical Engineer, and they have two children. 

Kate specialises in the management of breast cancer, thyroid and parathyroid disease. Kate says it was St Aidan’s policy of encouraging every student to "participate in all areas of school life" that stood her in good stead personally and professionally in life after school. 

“St Aidan’s not only pursued academic excellence but fostered an environment of inclusiveness, allowing every student to experience a full range of activities.” 

Kate represented the school in tennis, swimming and cross country. She jokes that while she was certainly not a champion in cross country or swimming she was encouraged to participate. Kate still plays tennis and runs every week. 

Kate was a prefect and excelled academically, as well as participating in public speaking and debating. Kate cites St Aidan’s desire to develop “well rounded” students as being integral to success in life post school. 

“In particular, the St Aidan’s culture of empathy and compassion has helped me immensely in my work with cancer patients.”