Sister June Ruth

Sister June Ruth SSA spent most of her childhood in central Queensland before relocating to Brisbane in 1943. At the age of 15, former headmistress Mrs Hartland accepted her into St Aidan's to complete her senior years of schooling. 

Moving to Brisbane was a big change for Sister June Ruth, who had previously been one of only three students enrolled in Years 11 and 12 at Roma State School. Amongst Sister June Ruth's memories of St Aidan's is an excursion in 1943, when the School travelled to Redcliffe upon the SS Cooper. She also recalls the full school roll call each morning by the old trees; a well-oiled procedure directed with precision by the captains of each school house. 

After completing Year 12, Sister June Ruth began her nursing training at St Martin's Hospital before moving to Ipswich in 1946. She married a young police officer in 1948 and spent the next 30 years living in many parts of Queensland as her husband was posted to different towns. The couple eventually settled in Toowoomba where their son Robert was born. 

Sister June Ruth took up at "temporary" job at Toowoomba Prep, which she ended up as a boarding house mistress for three years. She remembers her "little darlings" with a wry smile, comparing the boys' laid-back approach to shower-time with the girls' strict schedule.

Sister June Ruth maintained her connection with the Society of the Sacred Advent over the years, and in the early 1980s completed a series of retreats at Community House in Ascot. Attracted by the sense of belonging, peace and tranquillity offered by the Sisterhood, she approached Sister Chaseley and applied to join in 1983. Sister June Ruth was professed on 16 August 1987 and life professed on 6 August 1990. 

Sister June Ruth was a warm, friendly and welcoming presence at both St Aidan's and St Margaret's. In July 2015, Sister June Ruth sadly passed away at the age of 88. St Aidan's and St Margaret's continue to give thanks for Sister June Ruth's long-standing commitment, dedication and service to the SSA.