Principal's Welcome

Welcome to St Aidan's

St Aidan’s is a well-known independent school in Queensland that develops and promotes authentic, caring, confident, creative and connected women who value reason, imagination, truth, compassion and responsibility.

St Aidan’s continues to evolve as we deliver education, which grows our students’ understanding that, in order to create a caring, creative, and connected community, we must be involved. Since 1929, St Aidan’s has held to our founding Christian values and heritage as the source of purpose in educating the whole girl, for the whole of life. We expect everyone to reach their potential and we provide the opportunity to pursue personal aspirations so that they may truly flourish. St Aidan’s has been doing this for nearly 95 years and we intend to continue to do so well into the future.

The values of the Society of the Sacred Advent; humility, courage, compassion, resilience, faithfulness and whole-heartedness inform our daily school life. It is my hope that you will discover these learner attributes, values, and beliefs, reflected throughout this website.

We are proud to be an intentionally smaller school, with approximately 1,000 students attending from Kindergarten through to Year 12. This allows us to nurture each student’s personal aspirations and provide every opportunity for them to achieve and succeed.

St Aidan’s is a non-selective school and our academic outcomes continue to place us with the top schools in Queensland.

I thank our teachers and support staff, a group of dedicated and inspiring professionals, who ensure they build relationships for learning each year so that every St Aidan’s girl has the opportunity to fly.

Leaders in our school, in every year of St Aidan’s history, enrich and enable others; they help ‘build’ an environment in which compassion and courage shape all our learning. They lead with strength and responsibility to make a positive impact in this community, and to make a difference more broadly to society.

Our vision is to nurture each student's personal aspirations in a vibrant learner-centred community and empower them to be authentic, confident and connected citizens, ready to engage with the global and ever-changing future.

I invite you to experience first-hand the warmth and character of our school and encourage you to book a tour with our Head of Admissions.

Toni Riordan



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