Study Experience

Study Experience Program

Study Experience at St Aidan’s offers individual students the opportunity to experience Australian school culture and routines, full integration with local classes, and exposure to a wide variety of additional activities such as sport, music and recreational pursuits.

The Study Experience Program allows students to come to St Aidan's to study for 4-10 weeks on a visitor visa.

This is a great opportunity for students who are considering future study at St Aidan’s to experience what life is like as an Australian school student.

Students may also choose to come for one semester. This extended time requires a student visa.

Study Experience students are loaned a school uniform, laptop and textbooks for the duration of their stay.

Download the Study Experience Program Brochure

"I enjoyed spending my time at St Aidan’s.

It is because a lot of students helped me, not only my buddy but also my classmates.

So, thanks to them, I am very happy, and I think without their help, I could not complete my studying abroad program.

I especially want to thank my buddy.

Also, thanks to my teachers. I enjoyed my classes. When I asked questions they taught me very kindly.

Finally, I enjoyed morning tea and lunch time because I could sit and eat with my friends."