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The Alumni Office at St Aidan’s plays a vital role in fostering and maintaining connections with our alumnae community. Our commitment to nurturing lifelong relationships with our graduates is a testament to the enduring bonds that are formed during a student's time at our school. At St Aidan’s, every girl who has walked through the gates is a success, as they graduate being Authentic, Caring, Confident, Creative and Connected. 

The purpose of the Alumni Office is to:

Cultivate a Strong Alumnae Network
  • We serve as the bridge between the school and its alumnae, facilitating connections, and providing opportunities for networking and mentorship.
  • We organise alumni reunions, events, and gatherings to foster a sense of belonging and unity among our graduates.
Give Back to the School
  • Alumni often wish to contribute to the continued success of the school. We facilitate philanthropic efforts, from donations to volunteering, to enhance the educational experience for current and future students.
  • Our office connects alumnae with opportunities to engage in school initiatives, such as guest speaking, mentoring, or hosting events.
Shine a light on Alumni Successes
  • We celebrate the achievements and milestones of every alumnae through profiles, interviews, and features on our website and other communication channels.
  • Sharing these stories serves as inspiration for current students and showcases the incredible impact of a St Aidan’s education.
Keeping Alumnae Informed
  • The Alumni Office ensures that our alumnae community stays informed about school news, developments, and upcoming events.
  • We maintain an up-to-date directory and database of our alumnae to facilitate communication.
Preserve Tradition and History
  • We are custodians of the school's rich history and traditions, curating archives and organising events that connect past, present, and future generations of St Aidan’s girls.
Provide a Hub for Alumnae Engagement
  • Our website serves as a central hub for alumnae to connect, access resources, and stay engaged with the school and their fellow alumnae.

Stay connected with us

We would love to hear from you.

The Alumni Office at St Aidan’s is dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging, celebrating the achievements of our graduates, and ensuring that the legacy of excellence and sisterhood continues to thrive. We invite all alumnae to explore the many ways they can stay involved and connected with the school.

Join us in preserving and enhancing the legacy of St Aidan’s as we empower the leaders of tomorrow!

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“The greatest joys in life come to those who build with vision, who with stars in their eyes on a worthwhile goal, creep step by step nearer their heart’s desire. What vision we had! What plans for future expansion and beauty! The growing up was slow work, but it carried so much happiness, so much comradeship and so very much fun. Though there have been many changes through the years, it is a joy to know that there has been no change in the human side – our girls today have the same keen outlook, the same love of their School, and the same spirit of sacrifice if needed. Our School parents are as hard-working, as free-giving, and as proud of the School as of old. This community spirit, this happy and understanding relationship between school and home has made St Aidan’s a school of worth and distinction.” 

~ Christine Hartland (Headmistress 1929 - 1947) at the school's Silver Jubilee in 1954