Every Day Music Program

St Aidan’s is the perfect place for young students to develop the necessary skills to become lifelong musicians. Music tuition in the Junior School commences in the Kindergarten with Every Day Music Classes delivered by specialist music teachers.

Every Day Music Program 

Students learn music every day. Their 20 minute daily music lessons involve singing, listening, moving, playing and improvising to music. Students engage in age-appropriate repertoire and games that activate neural pathways and provide a foundational knowledge of music.

Early exposure to daily music learning has been widely researched with amazing benefits not only to student’s music cognition but going beyond to enhance academic and social skills. St Aidan’s is one of only a few schools in Queensland to offer this highly enriching program from such a young age, with students continuing in the Every Day Music Program until the end of Year 3.

To consolidate the foundational understanding of music offered through the classroom program, students participate in a wide variety of instrumentally based music experiences beginning in Year 2 with the 'String Immersion Program'. In Year 2 and Year 3, they extend the vocal and theoretical skills through the 'Junior Singers Choir' which is run once a week. In Year 4, students are again exposed to the opportunity to extend their instrumental skills in the 'Beginner Band Immersion Program' in Year 4. Although purely instrumental, both the String and Beginner Band Immersion are run as an extension of the classroom program.

At St Aidan’s our Junior School girls are offered the opportunity to participate in three carefully tailored, age-appropriate enrichment programs.

Strings Immersion 

In Year 2, every St Aidan's students will be taught an orchestral string instrument - violin, viola, cello or bass - within the Everyday Music Program.

Students will receive one lesson a week (in a small group of 3-5 students) with the Head of Performance (string specialist and long-term member of the Queensland Chamber Orchestra - Camerata). The other four days of the week they will participate in their Everyday Music Program with their music teacher.

Students will then have an opportunity to play in the Staccato Strings Ensemble in second semester. Students with an interest and aptitude in strings can then continue from this Immersion Program into private tuition and extra-curricular music ensembles. 

Junior Singers Immersion

To extend the vocal and theoretical skills practised in the Everyday Music Program, students in Years 2 and 3 participate in “Junior Singers Choir” who rehearse once a week. 

Students sing in a large ensemble learning two-part repertoire and are conducted by a vocal specialist and current Opera Queensland artist. Junior Singers perform at assemblies and concerts throughout the year. 

Many continue their passion for singing in Years 4 to 6 in the Children Crossing Choir within the extra-curricular music program.

Beginner Band Immersion

In Year 4 pre-learned melodic and rhythmic concepts are utilized to provide a seamless translation from classroom to band setting.

Students are able to play flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone and percussion.

The Beginner Band Program is a weekly group lessons with specialist tutors alongside whole band rehearsals and concert performances. Girls are later invited to take private tuition on their band instrument and join the 'Charma Band' as part of the extra-curricular music ensemble program.