Clubs & Activities

Science | Technology | Engineering | Maths

The Australian Space Design Competition is an Australia wide industry simulation event designed for senior secondary school students who have a passion for STEM and design. Students in Years 9 to 12 have the opportunity to work together within a company structure and design a fully functional space settlement which includes aspects relating to automation, human factors, and logistics. St Aidan's has had an amazing track record with the competition, qualifying sixteen times for the National Finals.

The Robotics and STEM Competition Club sees students across both the Junior and Senior Schools participate in various regional competitions including the the RoboCup and STEM Punk's Innovation Sports. Participants work with Gyro Bots, Cute Bots, BotXLs, Micro:Bits, EV3s, Spheros, to code and create interactive performances.

TechMate is a special evening held once per term for students in Years 4 to 6. It is an opportunity to spend time with a significant adult in their lives and discover the wonders of technology through playing, building, creating and inventing, sometimes with technology, and sometimes without. TechMates attendees explore hydraulics then design and build artifacts using hydraulics systems. They design and make an automaton, create prototypes of an invention, and present their inventions with the green screen technology.

Coding and Robotics Club students code, design, program and create their own games and animations using platforms on iPads and laptops. Students explore and experiment with robotics, augmented and virtual reality. They learn the benefits and positive impact technology can have on the economy, environment and society.

The Marie Curie Club is our Senior School's science club. This group meets weekly to conduct various science experiments which span across the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, geology and astronomy. Recently, the club worked with dry ice, dissected chicken feet, created colourful rain, made butterfly bubble tea, and even grew their own avocado plant. Club members also regularly participate in numerous national and international science competitions to strengthen each student's problem solving and critical thinking skills.

The Technical Services club plays a critical role in the running various St Aidan's events. The small group of girls from Years 7 to 12 work together with an IT Specialist to learn technical skills in a collaborative environment. From changing the lighting on stage, to learning new functions on the sound deck, the Tech Crew has always ensured the smooth running of St Aidan's events.
The STEMies Club is run after-school and promotes engagement with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Junior school students have the opportunity to demonstrate the 4 C’s of 21st Century skills – critical thinking, creative thinking, communicating and collaborating – using technology and art to design and make projects in fun ways to address real-world issues. STEMies Club students are makers, inventors, and creators. They design toys using wind power, elastic power, battery power and strings. They create 3D models of an environment to embed a picture and trigger augmented reality. They use the Quiver iPad App others to enjoy, learn and interact with the model. They spend time exploring circuitry with ‘LittleBits’ and design a Draw Bot with a switch to turn on and off.

Literature & Public Speaking 

Girl Zone is a book club for Year 6 girls and significant adult in their lives. Headed by the Junior School Teacher Librarian, club members meet regularly to discuss and debate on the content within the chosen novel. Girl Zone is a great way for our Year 6s to connect with other adults in a friendly and nurturing environment. 

Our Readers' Cup club sees students from Years 7 to 10 participate in various regional Readers' Cup competitions, run by the Children's Book Council of Australia. Our vivid readers compete in small teams to read a selection of books, where they then compete against other teams in answering a variety of questions from the novels. St Aidan's Readers' Cup teams are supported by our friendly Library staff and learn valuable collaborative and problem-solving skills. 

To meet the demands placed upon twenty-first learners, St Aidan's runs a Philosophy Club for Year 6 students. Every Tuesday, girls come together to tackle complex concepts relating to ethical considerations such as human rights, animal rights, environmental issues and global justice. Philosophy Club helps to build each club member's critical and creative thinking skills in a friendly and fun environment. 
Junior School Debating is offered to Year 5 and 6 students to learn the foundational art of debating. Our Junior debaters learn how to research, prepare and compete in debates, and discover the unique roles of each speaker, the technique of rebuttal, and the skill of speaking to a crowd. Supported by Junior School teachers, each club member develops valuable critical thinking skills and self-confidence in public speaking. 

Debating Club is offered to all Senior School students across Years 7 to 12. Debating members work collaboratively in small teams to research, prepare and present debates in various inter-school competitions. Each team is supported by a coach, who mentors and assists debaters in their preparation. Debating students form long-term friendships and learn valuable collaborative and critical thinking skills. 

Environment & Innovation

Earth Angels is a Junior School club which encourages girls to explore ways of making the school environment more sustainable. Club members focus primarily in the key areas of waste management, composting, worm farming, recycling, upcycling, gardening and harvesting edible products. With the support of the P&F and the Student Representative Committee, Earth Angels help to promote varying programs, such as the ‘Containers for Change’ initiative.
Kidpreneur is a unique activity which sees Year 5 and Year 6 students experience the excitement of creating and building a new business. Girls are encouraged to identify a problem within the community and create a product which would help to solve the issue. They then are provided the opportunity to sell their products at the annual Kidpreneur Market Stall.

Community Service & Social Justice

Anam Cara is a small Christian group for Senior School students. Club members meet weekly in the Chapel to provide friendship and conversation as well as engage in social awareness and social justice campaigns.

Penguin Aid is a Year 6 community service group which conducts fundraising activities to raise money for charities and causes important to the school. Members develop their leadership, planning, and organisational skills by educating their peers and the wider school community on issues present within society. The students demonstrate empathy for others and display a genuine desire to help those that are less fortunate.

Interact is a proactive Senior School club which has high levels of participation and engagement. They participate in major events such as the Mater International Women’s Day Fun Run. The group also coordinate school based fundraising activities such as free dress days, sausage sizzles, Krispy Kreme donut stall and ‘Pride Movie Night’. All funds raised from these events are donated to a variety of charities including the Melanoma Research Institute, Open Doors Youth Service, and Friends with Dignity. 

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Program

Students from Year 9 have the opportunity to embark on The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Program, which provides them with skills and experiences that are widely recognised by employers and educational institutions worldwide.

Students complete a tailor-made program of experiences suited to their own interests and abilities, in a non-competitive environment, as they seek to obtain a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award. Through persistence and commitment, these students work behind the scenes in a volunteer capacity serving their community, developing a personal skills, cultivating physical capabilities. 

Creative Arts 

Students from Prep to Year 6 are invited to participate in the Junior Art Club program. This group is for students who love being creative and are wanting to develop their art-making skills. Those involved explore a combination of artistic techniques which include painting, drawing, sculpture making, printing, sewing and ceramics. Each term, the activities vary, providing students a wide range of creative experiences. 

STAGE is the St Aidan's dance performance team for students in Years 7 to 12. This group meets multiple times each week to learn and rehearse different dance genres. These dances are then showcased at many significant school events throughout the year. STAGE dancers also have the opportunity to compete at various regional competitions throughout South-East Queensland. STAGE enables girls to form strong bonds across year levels in a fun and supportive environment.

Drama Performance is our Senior School's drama club. Open to students in Years 7 to 12, girls come together to learn improvisational skills in an innovative and collaborative environment. Club members are given the opportunity to compete at various Youth Theatresports competitions throughout the year.

Little Chefs is a cooking class for Years 3 to 6 students. Each week, girls have the opportunity to gain valuable cooking skill by playing with different ingredients, experimenting with different flavours, and learning handy tips along the way. Over the course of the program, girls have learnt to make a variety of different things, such as rice paper rolls, pizza scrolls and hot chocolate spoons. 

Junior School's Chess Club is open to all students from Prep to Year 6. Whether members are beginners or experienced players, all students have the opportunity to learn and share skills. Girls also have the opportunity to participate in various intra-school competitions throughout the year. 

Games Club is a fun activity exclusive to Prep and Year 1 students. Assisted by the Games Club coordinator, girls are able to play different games amongst their peers to encourage critical thinking and sportsmanship. 

Our Junior School Yoga and Mindfulness club focuses on building resilience through a wide range of fun and engaging experiences including mindfulness, yoga, music, and dance to develop executive function and self-regulation skills.

Skipping Club

Skipping Club is open to our Years 2 to 5 students and focusses primarily on technique, skill and movement in a fun-filled environment. Our skippers work together in small groups to build repertoire, learn tricks and boost overall confidence.

Mini Moves is our Junior School dance club and invites little movers of all ages to come together and create fun and exciting dance routines. Led by our talented dance teachers, students explore various dance styles in a supportive environment to help foster creativity and self-expression. 

Tiny Thespians Drama Club is a creative outlet for our energetic Years 1 and 2 students. Tiny Thespian members explore stories, characters and games to help unleash members' confidence, communication skills and creativity. 


Sensei Says Club is open to all students across Years 4 to 6. Girls meet once a week with their leader and participate in a range of activities that focus on speaking Japanese in a practical way. Activities range from learning calligraphy, playing traditional children's games, origami and traditional craft activities. 
Wasabi Japanese Club meets once a week and is for students to share the "unique" cultural aspects of Japan. All students from Prep to Year 6 are able to participate in a range of different Japanese-inspired activities, such as learning how to draw Japanese Hiragana characters, wearing Japanese kimonos, drawing Japanese comic characters, and singing Japanese children's songs. This club offers the chance for students to make new friends and learn about Japanese culture.