Strategic Direction

St Aidan's is a Prep to Year 12 Anglican day school for girls, with a co-educational Kindergarten. We are located in Corinda in the western suburbs of Brisbane, conveniently positioned adjacent to the train station. St Aidan’s is well known for its focus on academic excellence, quality learning and teaching and commitment to pastoral care in an intentionally smaller school environment. We nurture each student’s personal aspirations and provide every opportunity for them to achieve. With almost 20 sports to participate in, more than 20 music ensembles to join and over 50 extra-curricular groups to try, our students are exposed to a connected community and nurturing environment that allows them to pursue their interests.

Our Strategic Direction

Our Mission
St Aidan's strives to provide excellence in education in a caring, friendly environment, where each individual is nurtured and shaped by the values of the Christian faith and has the opportunity to achieve her full potential.
Our Aspiration
St Aidan's strives to be a world leader in girls' education.
Our Vision
St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School nurtures each student's personal aspirations within a vibrant learner-centred community.
Our Motto
Per Volar Sunata (Born to Fly Upwards)

We believe that a St Aidan's education empowers and enables girls and young women to successfully reach their full potential.

Our Intent
Our focus is to develop and promote authentic, caring, confident, creative and connected women who value reason, imagination, truth, compassion and responsibility.

Our Strategic Pillars

Educational Excellence
St Aidan’s delivers excellent education based on balance, deep learning, challenge and innovation. We provide an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, designed to encourage students to develop wellbeing, confidence, leadership and empowerment.
Living Faith
St Aidan’s creates an environment where students and staff reflect the School’s Values and Mission, expressing the Christian faith, Anglican ethos and the founding values of the Society of the Sacred Advent.
Inspiring Professionals
St Aidan’s endeavours to employ the highest quality teaching and support staff through ensuring best practices in our recruitment, selection, employment, development and retention of staff.
Nurturing Environment
St Aidan’s commits to a vision for a sustainable future; awareness, knowledge, skills, values and motivation to live sustainably and supported by the endeavours of students, staff, parents, peak bodies and alumni.
Connecting Community
St Aidan’s promotes belonging and connectedness to a community made up of caring people, a shared vision and a vibrant place. We are intentional in 'opening up' St Aidan's to our local and global communities, in being hospitable and in growing our reputation as being welcoming residents in service to our community as well as curious citizens of the world.