2023 ATAR Results

15 December

2023 ATAR Results

St Aidan's Anglican Girls' school is delighted to announce the outstanding academic results of its 2023 Year 12 students. Once again, St Aidan's girls have achieved exceptional marks following the release of subject results from the Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority (QCAA) and the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) results from the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) on 15 December 2023.

Our 2023 ATAR* results demonstrate that St Aidan’s continues to be one of the top performing independent schools in Queensland. This cohort has shown incredible academic growth and upheld the school’s long-standing tradition of educational excellence.

St Aidan’s 2023 ATAR Results

  • 9% achieved an ATAR 99 and above
  • 21% achieved an ATAR 98 and above
  • 46% achieved an ATAR 95 and above
  • 84% achieved an ATAR 90 and above
  • Median ATAR 94.50

Principal, Ms Toni Riordan, stated that "as a non-selective school, one that welcomes students of all abilities, these achievements clearly demonstrate the exceptional calibre of our enriching environment and inspiring professionals who dedicate their days to creating and fostering educational excellence."

Not only did St Aidan's students receive incredible ATAR results but also outstanding QCAA subject results.

  • 100% of Year 12 students received a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)
  • 100% of Year 12 students achieved grades of A to C for their outcomes
  • 46% of students achieved straight A’s in all five subjects
  • 10 perfect scores (100/100) were achieved

“Our 2023 Year 12 students are to be congratulated on their phenomenal academic achievements. These results reflect their hard work and dedication to their study program,” said Ms Riordan.

“We wish to acknowledge and thank our parents and guardians who have provided countless hours of support throughout their daughter’s entire schooling life. They have helped shape their child's future and contributed to our St Aidan’s community,”

“We also could not have achieved these results without the unparalleled quality and professionalism of our teaching staff at St Aidan’s. This achievement is a credit to their commitment to excellence and dedication to the teaching profession,” Ms Riordan added.

*Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks (ATAR) are calculated and released Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC). The decision for students to share their ATAR result with their school is optional and St Aidan’s only has access to the individual ATARs of our Year 12 students where consent has been granted by those students when registering in the ATAR Portal. Of the 84 graduating students in the St Aidan’s class of 2022, 76 were ATAR eligible.